(Selling) The Proper Mindset

Besides the right sales approach, you need the proper mind-set to succeed in sales.

This mind-set has six crucial factors:

  1. Confidence – Believe in yourself and in your products or service. You must be certain that it’s exactly what your clients need and this is important, you need to trust your product or service.
  2. Caring – Focus on your customers, their companies and their needs. You must truly care about them. Don’t try to fake it. People most of the time can actually tell.
  3. Persistence – Like everyone else, clients prefer the status quo. Gaining sales commitments involves change, which never comes easy. You must be persistent in helping your client want and bring about the change your solution requires. As they say, ;NO’ is actually a ‘YES’ in the making.
  4. Speaking from the client’s mind – When you speak to your client, always adjust what you say to reflect the “client’s needs, challenges and goals.”. Therefore, a little bit knowledge on reading body language should help.
  5. Embracing concerns – Sales experts have long taught salespeople they must overcome clients’ objections. Instead, “embrace and resolve” customers’ worries. Help your clients face their fears. Plus, most of their concerns could actually backed by reason. So, try to educate, not push your ideology. Read more on Winning Arguments.
  6. Realizing it’s not about you – How could the sales process center on you? You’re not the person with a problem that needs solving. All interactions between you and your client must center on the client. Nowadays, as of social media behaving as if it is a living organism, business have been much more customer-centric.

“Your dream client wants…problems to be solved, challenges overcome, opportunities pursued and greater outcomes obtained.”

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“Start testing immediately. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”

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