(Selling Skills) Always or Never

“Always” or “Never” Be Closing?

Finding the best way to close a sale can be confusing for salespeople. Some experts say, “Always be closing.” Others say, “Never be closing.”

What are salespeople to make of such conflicting opinions?

Actually, sellers often get terrible advice, not just from frauds or inexperienced poseurs, but also from veterans in the field. To understand why this is the case, try reading The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

Pushy, manipulative salespeople usually work the always-be-closing side of the sales street. That advice feeds their insatiable hunger for commissions. These salespeople constantly press clients to agree to commitments before they’ve gained their customers’ trust, delivered value or earned permission to even make such requests. Trust always come first.

“Sales can be a very rewarding career because, properly done, it requires that you help people get results they couldn’t have achieved without you.”

These salespeople may try to roll over their clients’ often-legitimate concerns as they push hard to close. They see their clients’ concerns as immaterial. Nothing matters to them except closing.

The tide shifted with the development of “the Internet, social selling, content marketing and inbound” sales. Salespeople are no longer in charge.

Today, clients hold the cards.

Many salespeople have adjusted to this challenging environment by moving away from the always-be-closing approach to adopt its complete opposite: the never-be-closing tactic. In this mode, salespeople never ask for an order. They passively put clients in complete charge of the selling process, which may meander along and never amount to a concrete deal.

“A good salesperson now sounds like a good general manager, and someone who could work in their client’s company. They have a greater depth, gravitas.”

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