(Leadership) Leadership Culture

Strong Leadership Culture

“Leadership is critical to…future success. It is like oxygen – without it, you die. As an organization, we don’t want to wonder where our next breath is coming from.”

Top performing organizations depend on four primary principles:

  1. Bet on leadership
  2. Act as one;
  3. Win the heart; and
  4. excel at execution. (Similar to #1 rule of Richard Templr’s Rules of Work)(Affiliate links to Amazon)

A note in any organization, leadership should come first in running your company and bringing about positive change. Excellent example of late, is the appointment of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Manchester United Manager, which create a much more positive dressing room atmosphere and with it, a positive change in the dressing room and results on the playing field.

Strong leadership provides a powerful, long-term competitive advantage, and leaders at that level emerge from a robust and strong leadership culture.

According to Mark Miller, in defining your organizational culture based on your employees’ day-to-day behavior. If you want to evaluate whether you already have a leadership culture, consider this definition: “A leadership culture exists” when companies “routinely and systematically” develop their leaders.

In a leadership culture, you will have “a surplus of leaders ready for the next opportunity or challenge.” Proactive firms plan properly for the future by developing their leadership culture.  

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