(Culture) Leadership Pipeline

A strong leadership culture encourages the development of a leadership “pipeline” that provides a steady quality supply of men and women who are ready to step in as (leadership) executives when needed.

Question: How do we know a leadership culture is in place?

Answer: A leadership culture exists when leaders are routinely and systematically developed and when you have a surplus of leaders.”

As in any organization changes, in order to achieve that level of success, your leadership development program will required your senior managers’ support.

However, some executives would oppose developing a leadership culture within their organizations for misguided reasons, and here are some examples of the said misguided reasons:

  • We don’t need a leadership culture; we’re doing fine – A handful of superior people often account for the lion’s share of a firm’s success. This small cadre of corporate heroes can work wonders for a while but not forever. Support them by building your bench.
  • Leaders are born, not made – Assuming that talented, high-quality leaders will just show up when you need them is a fantasy. This is a dubious strategy for future success.” Therefore, every organization arguably need to develop a reliable corps of homegrown leaders. 
  • We’re too busy to think about the future – Most organizations don’t have enough leaders to manage their affairs properly, much less to stop working so they can make visionary plans for the future. The leaders who are available are so busy treading water they can’t worry about preparing other leaders to take care of the company’s future. Don’t let a current burdensome shortage of leaders continue to plague your organization.
  • Even if we wanted a leadership culture, we don’t know how to build one – Claiming ignorance is a manifestation of fear. Embrace the future, and vest in the people who are doing great work for your company now.

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