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(Book Review) The Lost Art of Closing

I would rate the book at 7/10★ . A great reading material for salesman, network marketing agent or any aspiring businessman.

Anthony Iannarino believes that many salespeople have no practical knowledge on how to make a productive conversations with clients. It is kind of odd since the salesperson words can either make or break the sale.

I used to be able to close a tremendous amount of sales per day selling products (electronics, gadgets and computers) which I trust and personally used. But were horrendously terrible at selling stuff which I didn’t used or even confident it. I believe it is a part of lessons learn and still being learnt. So, it seems that the seller confidence is monumental in closing a deal.

The typical salesperson might say, “What’s it going to take to get you to sign this contract?” In contrast, the salesperson could say, “Can you share your concerns with me so I can make sure this works for you?”

This question focuses on the client’s needs and should result in useful information that leads to a sale.

Iannarino’s bestseller outlines his well-developed closing strategies, provides numerous field-tested conversational nuggets salespeople can use to encourage clients to sign up.  Although, try not to look like you’re reading a script. That would definitely put people off.

Therefore, if you have anything to do with sales, get this book. It’s awesome!

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