(Book Review) Leaders Made Here, Building a Leadership Culture, Mark Miller

I would rate the book at 7/10 ★

Since it is from a renowned leadership development expert Mark Miller.

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Organization long term sustainability would eventually dependent on the quality of leadership at its helm. Most organization just don’t have enough leaders or even a sustainable “leadership pipeline” of junior leaders. And in most cases, organization a bound by strict traditional style of leadership.

Leadership expert, Mark Miller detailed out in his book on why quality leadership is essential to an organization, and how organization can develop a robust leadership culture and what best practice a company should pursue in order to attain effective leadership development.

To illustrate his leadership story, Miller spins a fictitious tale of a business, its executives and their efforts to develop a strong leadership culture. His leadership development advice is solid, though his fable seems a bit stretched. So, I would suggest to focus more on Miller’s sharp leadership lessons. And fables and tales, I would recommend you reading Robin Sharma Books.

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