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(Travel) i-City All Day Happy Package Review

I have been putting this off for too long and decided to just post it on my blog and forget about it. Mostly because I’m trying to write it in a more positive note. But I can’t.
In short, don’t buy the i-City all day happy pass package since it most likely doesn’t worth the money.

Here is my experience

Now, the requirement for children to be charged for entry is that they must be at least 90cm tall. So, since my son is not yet 90cm tall, we didn’t bought the tickets for him.
And that’s a huge mistake.
Apparently, for some reason, he is more than 90cm tall when we need to buy a ticket (additional) since we didn’t bought children all day pass, but he is not 90cm tall when he can use one of mine or my wife pass.
Which at the moment seem ridiculous and I was quite furious. We ended spending more money for my son tickets / coupon (Which you can only buy in 10s, and it is non refundable).

The attraction reviews

Snow Walk (8/10⭐)

For Malaysian, I would only recommend the Snow walk. It’s the first place I went and it’s the only one that worth the money spent.
It has quite a number of cute ice sculptures.

House of horror (0/10🌟)

If there’s anything scary about this one, it’s on the reactions of those who came out of it. It’s a face of pure boredom and regrets (of wasting money and time).
It’s awfully boring and really not scary at all.
And I paid additional for my son, whom arguably 90cm tall.
In short, avoid this one like a plague.

Red Carpet (6/10🌟)

A lot of interesting wax statues of global superstars.
Good enough to pass the time.
But please make sure your son is less than 85cm, or else, buy a online ticket, it’s cheaper.
Apparently they measure children with shoes on for entry to the red carpet.

Trick Art Museum (3/10🌟)

Not interesting enough to write more than a single statement.
I’ve been to 3D art museum in Port Dickson which was way better than this one.

Adventure Train(4/10⭐)

Slightly more interesting than trick art museum.
Maybe later I’ll a video on this one.

Children Arcade (5/10⭐)

5/10 just because of the variety. As you will see from my all day pass snapshot below, most of the game my son cannot play because, get this, HE DOES NOT MEET THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT OF 90CM TALL.
Now, for those that my son could actually use my all day pass, (which I can’t use it myself), suddenly he is not 90CM?
I really felt cheated.


I would 100% without any shred of doubt do not recommend the ‘all day pass’ for 4 reasons

  1. Most of the pass, adult can’t even use. And some of the pass children can’t used. (Misguided value for money)
  2. You wouldn’t have enough time to try it all. I’ve spent all day there and can’t even get to use half of my all day pass.
  3. For some reason, measurements of your children height can vary. If you can’t use your pass for the amusement entry, your children most likely will be judge more than 90cm. And if you children can use your pass, there’s a likelihood that they might not be 90cm. This one make me really upset.
  4. There’s too much people around and most of the amusement park only open after 5pm. So, no time to try them all. For example, at the children’s arcade, you will have to queue for 15 minutes, for your child 2 minutes ride. Again, too many people and too short of a ride.

Here are the snap shots of my all day ‘happy’ package

Additional money spent when my son was judged to be more than 90cm
I’m not going to buy another all day happy package from i-City again. It is an utter waste of money.
Although, I might be interested in going to the snow walk again. Or maybe it should be spelled as SnoWalk?

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