(Affiliate) Affiliate Marketing Basic & Quick Guide

Here’s my note quick start guide to help you started in this (slightly) lucrative world of affiliate marketing.

(1) Choose a profitable Niche.

There’s a lot of products (physical and digital) in all different kind of niches. Therefore, strive for something that you actually interested in.

(2) Find a domain name

Once you’ve a niche or idea of what your website is going to be about. You now need a domain name (website name / address).

Preferable something short and sweet and related to your chosen niche.

(3) Get Hosting

You need website hosting so that your website can be online. You need to choose a hosting plan that is in your budget. For that I would recommend Bluehost.

(4) Install WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that makes editing and adding pages very easy. It’s free and perfect for creating affiliate websites.

(5) Find a theme / template

There are literally thousand of themes (free or paid). Choose free ones first so that you would be able to keep your cost under control.

Remember that you’re not currently making any money yet.

(6) Get your basic pages running

It’s a good practice to include these following pages up and running when you start.

  • About
  • Contact
  • Affiliate Disclaimer

(7) Find products to write reviews on

To get you started, lets try to find 2-5 products in your niche to write reviews on.

These products should have an affiliate program so that you can make money recommending them to your readers.

(8) Find Q&A or FAQ most related to your niche

Jump to Q&A sites like yahoo answers or quora and search for your niche related questions or even products you going to write review on. Remember, maybe there people asking question about them.

The reason why you want questions is for the articles you are going to write to complement your review page.

Tips: List all the question 1st, then, answer them all.

(9) Keyword research – finding long tail keywords

Need to find out more keywords that are easy to rank in the search engines.

Then, you need to write more articles around those long tail keywords to bring in traffics.

An example of a broad keyword ‘weight loss’.

An example of a long tail keyword ‘weight loss pill for women’

Set up your social media sites:

This includes

  • Facebook page
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Author: Aarif Billah

Those who matters would know, and those doesn't know won't matter

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