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Best Honor phones as of 2019

Honor phones are excellent handsets that usually give you a lot without breaking the bank. Here are the best Honor phones you can buy ranked based on features, value for money, and of course, degree of awesomeness.

  1. Honor 10 (RM 1399.00)
  2. Honor view 10 (RM 1165.00)
  3. Honor 9 Lite (RM 659.00)
  4. Honor Play (RM 1,099.00)
  5. Honor 8X (RM 949.00)
  6. Honor Note 10 (RM 1,399.00)
  7. Honor Magic 2
  8. Honor 9
  9. Honor 7X (RM 849.00)
  10. Honor 8X (RM 949.00)

Personally, I own and still using Honor 9 Lite, which I find to be quite nifty and actually very good value for money phone of you’re on budget.

Honor is making a great name for itself in the global smartphone market. Owned by Huawei, it’s a separate brand that often takes the exact same specs of a Huawei phone, repackages it, and sells it cheaper.

Turns out, that’s a great thing for you, the consumer.

Predominantly almost all honor phone are blue in color, but I think it might have something to do with the brand branding and psychological effect of Honor’s target customers. I’m inching to get another honor phone, honor 10 that is, but like always, I’ll prefer to wait my current phone to be unusable first. You know, I’m trying to be frugal.

They often have dual cameras, attractive designs and AI software features that Huawei phones have for often hundred of pounds or dollars more.

Honor smartphones range from the premium to the extremely affordable – but debatably the former can stray into the latter. This is what makes the large range slightly confusing sometimes.

So, keeping true to the post objective, lets examing Honor best phones as of 19th January 2019.

(1) Honor 10 (Best Mid-Range Phone-RM 1,399.00)

Honor 10 Snapshot from Honor Official Webstore

It comes in 4 beautiful colors

  1. Phantom Blue
  2. Glacier Grey
  3. Midnight Black
  4. Phantom Green

Personally, I love the phantom blue option. Since black is too ‘normal’ while I don’t really get ‘glacier grey‘ and green just seen to obscure.

Its rated @ full mark 5/5 ⭐ (from 40 verified buyers)

Some key highlight on the Honor 10 key features

  • Value for Money (Twice the value to be exact) : Much of what the Honor 10 offers, like display, cameras and build quality are at the level you’d expect from a phone twice the price
  • The software is better than ever and you get a whopping 128GB of storage as standard. Add in smooth performance, a headphone jack, dual-SIM and attractive design and you can see why this is the current mid-range king.

(2) Honor View 10 (2nd best mid-range phone – RM 1,165.00)

If Honor 10 is the King, it would be rather fitting to think of Honor View 10 as the Queen.

Honor View 10 From Honor Official Webstore

It only comes in 2 colors option that is

Its rated @ full mark 5/5 ⭐ (from 13 verified buyers)

In short, It’s high on spec and low on pricing. What else can you ask for?

With regard to style, color wise, not much to choose from, and on style, it’s similar to Honor 8 Pro rather than the more recent Honor 9.

Instead of glass back, the Honor View 10 favors AI software and Android Oreo. Hence, making it a sweet deal, especially when you want dual cameras and large screen.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you were tempted by one of Honor’s cheaper option though. Like me, fall in love with Honor 9 Lite the 1st time I saw it.

(3) Honor 9 Lite (Best Budget Phone (Ever) – RM 659.00)

Honor 9 Lite (Glacier Grey0

Now that I take a better look at ‘glacier grey’, the color seems quite nice. Oh yes, mine was blue.

It only comes in 2 colors option that are

Its rated @ full mark 5/5 ⭐ (from 23 verified buyers)

If I remember correctly, it’s been around for a while but interestingly, Honor 9 Lite still one of the best budget phones available.

And, now its already slightly cheaper relative to when I bought it making it more of a bargain. It’s design is pretty, the specifications are decent including 4 cameras and reasonable performance too.

Again, at RM 659.00, what else could you possibly want?

(4) Honor Play (Top Gaming Phone – RM 1,099.00)

Honor Play – for those who like mobile gaming

It’s easy to recommend the Honor Play. In fact, we actually published a stand alone review of the Honor Play before.

Honestly, the display is no match for rival gaming phones like the Razer Phone or Asus ROG, but the Honor Play offers top notch performance for far less price (one third of the price in fact) than either Razer Phone or Asus ROG. Hence, it is an ideal phone for gamers on budget.

The specs are almost identical to the pricier Honor 10 and even the much pricier Huawei P20, though it’s worth noting that it’s got a metal chassis rather than a glass back, and the camera isn’t a patch on the ones in those phones.

Still, even if you’re not a gamer, this is one of the best value phones on the market, offering flagship performance at a fraction of the price, so long as you don’t mind missing out on the best photography features (the cons which you might need to consider).

(5) Honor 8X (Feels & Performance Like it’s Expensive – RM 949.00)

Honor 8X (red) – cute right?

Its rated @ full mark 5/5 ⭐ (from 89 verified buyers)

The Honor 8X looks, feels and performs like a high-end smartphone in most respects. It features a gorgeous shimmering glass back and a stunning 6.5in FHD+ bezel-less display on the front, complete with a Notch housing a 20Mp camera.

It offers advanced features including facial recognition that works well in most environments, and although performance isn’t perfect when running demanding apps, it should be more than enough for casual browsing and gaming

(6) Honor Note 10 (Good performance – RM 1,399.00)

Honor 10 (Phantom Blue) of Awesomeness

Its rated @ full mark 5/5 ⭐ (from 40 verified buyers)

It definitely the one with the biggest screen from Honor smartphone range.

Performance wise, it’s great and video and games looks absolutely stunning on one of the biggest OLED panels you can find without anotch. As with most Honor phones, it’s come at a great (cheap) price which is very affordable.

Hence if you want a phone with a flagship specs to replace a tablet, then, Honor Note 10 definitely fits the bill.

(7) Honor Magic 2 (A Beauty with 3 Selfie Camera)

The Magic 2 is a beautiful piece of hardware, with a triple selfie camera hidden behind a manual slider – which pulls double duty as a satisfying novelty and the enabler of a big, beautiful 6.39in AMOLED display.

However, I’m not entirely certain that Honor Magic 2 is still available on the market.

(8) Honor 9 (Undeniably Impressive )

The Honor 9 is an undeniably impressive phone and although the Honor 10 is out, you might not being able to buy it since there’s a newer sister model.

Regardless, in performance terms, it’s nipping at the heels of the year’s top flagships, and only lacking flashy features like waterproofing or a bezel-less screen. It looks great, it runs fast, and it costs less than other brands with similar specs.

(9) Honor 7X (Looks Exclusive – RM 849.00)

Honor 7X (Blue)

Its rated @ full mark 4.9/5(from 16 verified buyers)

Honor does pretty much everything right with the Honor 7X. It looks like a much more expensive phone than it is, has a headphone jack and offers a choice of dual-SIM or expandable memory.

The 18:9 screen is great to use, and most apps work fine when forced to fill it. Battery life is good and cameras are acceptable, but not excellent.

The bottom line is that Honor has put together a decent phone that gives you an 18:9 screen which looks like a flagship for far less than flagship prices.

(10) Honor 8X (Solid device – RM 949.00)

Honor 8X (Red) – Newer version of 7X

In short, its a newer and better version of Honor 7X.

Its rated @ full mark 5/5 ⭐ (from 89 verified buyers)

Therefore, it present itself as a great deals.

So, here’s my list, what do you think? Do I get it right?


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