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Taking Risk in Your Career

Risk management is critical for business decision so that the business doesn’t chew more than it can swallow. But in career, it may not be wise to be so risk averse. In fact, if you want your career to take off, you might need to do the opposite and learning how to embrace and enhance risk.

On the surface, career decision should follow the same process. Among the sources of risk in career decision might include economic considerations, future potential, family factor, co-workers, the need to learn new skills, employer stability among others.

But you need to consider these 2 major parts of risk taking with regards to your career

(1) Happiness

We spend majority of our live span working, therefore, its important to actually be happy and have fun while working. Though it is highly subjective, this “happiness” factor often overwhelms any other career issues to the extend that a person can have an apparently successful career but miserable. I don’t want to be that guy, and neither do you.

(2) Attitude

Attitude is driving your career. This attitude involves your ability to learn and adapt over time, to deal with new situations, different personalities, and on-going surprises and make the most of them.

Most career path are unpredictable with numerous wild cards such as people influence, seminars moment, personal discovery, unique opportunity, etc.

Your attitude matters, it’s how you carry yourself. It’s also a reminder for myself, that I can improve on this aspect and be better.

In Summary

This means that career decisions need to start not with risks, but by creating a prioritized list of “happiness criteria” or aspects that will critically determine your long-term satisfaction.

Just as Gary Vaynerchuk said, “Its better to make $80,000 per year and be happy rather than making $130,000 per year and be f**king miserable”.

And I kind of agree with Gary Vee there.


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