How to get your side hustle off the ground?

A lot of us have side hustle, I used to have a online business which consistently made me more than $20K per year but then I left the online business to focus on blogging, since I love to learn and at the time, who knows, might actually able to make it a sustainable source of income.

(p.s. I will share my monthly income report later on, as a quick record on how much I’m earning from my hobby per month.)

In fact, in recent Harvard survey found out that nearly 40% of Americans now have a “side-hustle” or outside source of income beyond their day job.

If you’re interested in a side hustle but are finding it difficult to get started, in order to find out why, you need to clarify the source of your hesitation. What holding you back? And typically there are 4 common challenges.

(1) Focusing on the wrong 1st steps

Try to take things step by step. In case you wanted to start your own blog, you can start by reading “How to start a Blog”.

Just make sure you want it enough so that you don’t stop at the 1st hurdle.

(2) Lack of confidence

Not knowing what you up to can be overwhelming. So, learn on what you wanted to do before actually doing it. But make sure you don’t get ‘analysis paralysis’.

This can be avoided by making sure that you are in control of the risk involved.

(3) Diminishing commitment

Many side hustlers start going out strong, pursuing their project with vigor but find their resolve flagging over time as they hit inevitable setbacks or discover than progress is actually slower than they’ve expected.

So, again make sure you really want it.

(4) Time management issues

Lack of time is the most common reason why most give up their side hustle. And yes, side hustle will take time for both to get it running, as well as keep it running.

Again, make sure that you really want to do what you planning to do.

As Simon Sinek put it, “Start with WHY”.

And as Gary Vee said,

“People are chasing CASH not HAPPINESS.

When you chase MONEY, you’re going to LOSE.

You’re just going to.

Even if you get the money, You’re not going to be HAPPY.”


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