Noble souls are pleased only with lofty things

(Ibn al-Qayyim said):

“Noble souls are not pleased except with lofty things; the best of things which have the best outcome. Lowly souls linger around lowly things and fall into them just as flies fall upon filth. The noble and lofty soul is not pleased with oppression, lewdness, theft, or deception. This is because it is greater and nobler than that. The lowly, despicable, and wretched soul is the opposite of this. So each soul will incline to that which is appropriate for it and that which it suits it.”*

Since purifying the soul has this level of importance, it is obligatory upon each Muslim who desires good for himself to give great importance to it and to struggle against his soul within his life in actualizing this praiseworthy goal; in order that he may be successful in his worldly life and his hereafter, and so that he may enjoy true happiness.

  • Al-Fawā’id by Ibn al-Qayyim (pg. 178)

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