Indeed, the following was right

Indeed, the one who said the following was right:

If you are alone for a time one day, don’t say:

“I am alone.”

Instead say,

“There is a Watchful Guardian over me.”

And don’t think that Allāh is ever heedless

Or that what is hidden from Him is unseen.

Do you not see that the days pass quickly

And that tomorrow is close for those who are heedful?

Book: Selections from the Garden of the Wise and the Meadow of the Virtuous – المنتقى من كتاب روضة العقلاء ونزهة الفضلاء
Author: Abū Hātim Ibn Hibbān
Published by: Authentic Statements Publications
Translated by: Ihsan Gonsalves
Page: 18,19


Categories: Islam, Quotes, Tazkirah


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