Flowing Gradient Survey (FGS)

Used to measure the flowing bottom-hole pressure of a reservoir to determine its productivity index, the flowing gradient of the well fluids, possible communication between zones, and to investigate the efficiency of the gas-lift valves.

The pressure survey is carried out with the well flowing, therefore, extreme precautions have to be taken to prevent the pressure survey instruments from being blown up the hole.


  • Rig-up Wireline PCE/ Equipment
  • Take current well parameters.
  • Pressure test wireline PCE.
  • Conduct sinker bar run to simulate the actual run based on the programs.
  • Run In Hole PPS Gauges to desired depth and stop as per-programmed.
  • Retrieve Data.
  • Rig-Down PCE

Author: Aarif Billah

Those who matters would know, and those doesn't know won't matter

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