Used to measure the flowing and closed-in bottom-hole pressure of a reservoir to determine its productivity index, flowing gradient of the well fluids, possible communication between zones, the rate of pressure build-up in the well bore upon closing in the well until the reservoir’s pressure is stabilized, and the static gradient of the well fluids.

Sometime due to the long build-up time (in excess more of 24 hours) the pressure survey instruments have to be left downhole in the well, yet allow the well to produce in a safe condition. This is achieved by hanging off the survey instruments using wireline plug set in a suitable nipple profile, or by hanging using wire. The survey gauges are retrieved from the well at the end of the specified build-up (closed-in) period.


  • Rig-up Wireline PCE/ Equipment
  • Take current well parameters.
  • Pressure test wireline PCE.
  • Conduct sinker bar run to simulate the actual run based on the programs.
  • Run In Hole PPS Gauges to desired depth. Flow well and closed-in well as per programmed.
  • Retrieve Data.
  • Rig-Down PCE.

Author: Muhamad Aarif

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