Basic Well Completion Equipment

Basic Well Completion Design (Wellhead & Christmas Tree)

Well Completion Accessories (Typical accessories)

  • Tubing hanger
    • To provide a seal between tubing & wellhead
    • To support tubing
  • Flow coupling
    • To protect from internal erosion caused by high velocity & turbulence flow resulted from ID reduction of another completion accessories (SCSSV – Surface controlled subsurface safety valve)
  • Subsurface Safety Valve (with control line)
    • To prevent uncontrolled formation flow from wellbore to surface by manipulating hydraulic line from surface
  • Gas lift mandrel / side pocket mandrel (SPM)
    • a place for installed gas lift valve for artificial lift purposes.
  • Sliding Sleeve Door (SSD)
    • To enable communication between tubing & annulus to enable circulation or production of fluid.
    • To equalize tubing pressure & annulus pressure.
  • Landing Nipples
    • To provide receptacle to locate, lock & seal subsurface flow controls equipment.
  • Production Packers
    • To provide a seal between the
    • outside of tubing & the inside of the production casing or liner.
    • To protect the casing from pressure & produced fluids.
    • To isolate multiple production zones.
    • To hold kill fluids in the annulus.
    • To permit the use of certain artificial lift methods.

Author: Aarif Billah

Those who matters would know, and those doesn't know won't matter

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