Quotes from How to Deliver a TED Talk

Here’s my top pick

“TED presenters are just like you and me – ordinary individuals with extraordinary stories.”

“If you survived into adulthood, then you have countless stories of perseverance in the face of failure.”

“Every part of your speech, the opening, the body and the conclusion, offers an opportunity to tell a story.”

“The most consistently successful opening is the personal story.”

“The problem is not that you don’t have enough stories, it is that you have too many.”

“Stories with positive endings are highly effective for motivation. In contrast, cautionary tales are more effective for teaching.”

“Once you have your central idea, work backward to build an audience-centric narrative with layers of stories and facts.”

“Compelling stories force the hero to choose between two goods, or more commonly, two evils.”

“In your talk, every key point should be delivered with a powerful one-two punch of story and fact.”

“Public speaking should be an amplified version of everyday conversation.”

“The best TED speakers use the word ‘you’ twice as much as they use the word ‘I’.”

“As your start your actual presentation, remember that your audience wants you to succeed.”

“People don’t sit in a chair for hours on end listening to other people speak unless they are going to get a return on the investment of their time and attention.”

“An eternal debate rages as to whether the last words out of your mouth should be ‘thank you’.”


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