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Maximize Your Potential (A book review)

A book review on awesome book by Jocelyn K. Glei and Scott Belsky of the same title, Maximize Your Potential, Grow Your Expertise,Take Bold Risks and Build an Incredible Career.

“Follow your passion” may be the most common advice job seekers received, but many would have heed it to their own detriment. Unfortunately, chasing our passion might turns out not to be relevant to most jobs,though other strong motivations may prevail.

Take myself for example, I love reading, but reading won’t put food on the table, and my blog (the website your currently reading) is not earning enough money to event buy me a pack of instant noodles. Other than that, I really enjoy writing, and I still enjoy reading & sharing my notes with all of you, but as I mentioned before, it doesn’t earn enough (yet) for me to quit my day job.

On top of that, another common delusion is that we can achieve anything including career success with willpower. It takes a lot more of willpower to succeed in this world. Regrettably, that’s not how things usually work. Willpower is a circumscribed resource that can fade quickly. So what does work? Lets find out.

“Motivation is not a matter of will-power, it is a matter of want-power”

Here’s what we should do

  • Most people want jobs that let them to do what they love . However, trying to “follow your passion” is poor career-planning advice.
  • Regard your career as a start-up; position yourself as the entrepreneur who plans and manages it.
  • Manage your income like you would a company,makes sure you always maintain a healthy cash-reserves, and a positive net-worth. This will save a lot of headaches and heartaches later on.
  • Always view yourself as a work-in-progress. You can be much more in the future than you are today.   
  • The capability to acquire new skills is today’s most valuable asset. Therefore, make continuous improvement daily on your skill sets and knowledge. Kaizen is the keyword here.
  • The status quo is your enemy.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare your work today to your own previous best efforts.
  • With practice, most people can become expert at just about anything.
  • The job you do matters less than attaining the lifestyle attributes that make you happy. 
  • Lucky people make their own luck in their careers and their lives.
  • Employers want to hire adaptive, inventive people.

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