The Madhouse Effect (Book Review)

How Climate Change Denial is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy

This book will teach us on (1) how climate change affects the Earth’s natural system, (2) what arguments climate change deniers use to stall action, (3) how deniers who raise doubts in public discourse delay policy changes in order to address the impact of climate change.

First, let us established that the science is clear on this climate change topic. As we discussed in previous posts, the Earth growths warmer due to excessive CO2, which directly results from carbon-based fuel emissions.

Climate change threatens our planet and its inhabitants, but some corporate actors and the politicians they support won’t accept the truth. As in any arguments, those whom able to present his ideas and opinions better would be seem as the one with the ‘actual’ facts.

Those who denied climate change would hire climate-denying scientist whom main function is to sow doubt, confusing the public and giving the politicians an excuse to do nothing. And those who deny climate change’s reality despite the overwhelming evidence which cause what academician Michael E. Mann and cartoonist Tom Toles dub “the madhouse effect.”

Their overview came out before Donald Trump’s administration which is changing the regulatory landscape in favor of deniers and allowing the release of more pollutants into our atmosphere.

Here are some facts on the subject matter:

  • 95-97% of scientist agreed that heat-trapping CO2 is the culprit for changing the Earth’s climate.
  • The effort on regulating carbon emissions and shifting to renewable energy sources would slow the pace of climate change.
  • More frequent and stronger freak weather events such as hurricanes and floods are linked to climate change which will cause large-scale damage and death tally.
  • Capitalism and the industry’s need to produce energy often in odds with basic environmental concerns.
  • Fossil fuel industries sowed public doubt about climate change as part of their resistance to take action.
  • Industry-funded groups hire scientist to delay scientific progress by citing “skepticism” on the climate change issues.
  • For example, some of these scientist received tobacco company funds and cast doubt that smoking was harmful which will result in delaying required regulations for decades.
  • Most of time, industry underwrites self-proclaimed experts who would smear opposing scientist’s reputations
  • Another interesting point, ‘climategate’ was a manufactured conspiracy theory which undermined the global efforts against climate change.
  • Well, we should note that the impact of inaction far outweight the cost of cutting carbon-emission NOW.

Additional Reading on Climate Change and Global Warming

Author: Aarif Billah

Those who matters would know, and those doesn't know won't matter

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