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The 2 types of Motivation

“The motivation dilemma is that leaders are being held accountable to do something they cannot do – motivate others.”

Most managers quite worry about how to motivate employees, but they should not waste their energy. All people, including our employees, already are motivated.

The question is

What specifically motivates our workforce?

And while we’re asking, try 3 more essential questions

How deep is our employees’ motivation?

What’s the quality of their motivations?

What is the nature of their motivation?

Look for 2 types of motivation


In the first, people are motivated to do something because they must do it. It’s their job, or they are motivated to win a reward. Their egos drive them. They want to come out on top.


The 2nd example of motivation is when people want to do something. Their values nspire them and most of the time, they would have admirable purpose. They want to excel, grow and learn.

“The best motivation is self-motivation”


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