Know This (Book Review)

A book review on John Brockman and Harper Perennial work, Know This (Today’s most interesting and important scientific ideas, discoveries and developments).

The Summary

This book is basically is result of what happened when we were to ask a group of prominent thinkers to identify the most important scientific news of the day, and when we compiled all their answers together in wide-ranging collection, it’s amazing what we’ll get.
John Brockman edited and produced an overwhelming collection of awesome assays to dip into which could be read regardless of the order sequence.
The book consist of 600+ pages of commentary from 198 very smart people on current advances in all field o science.
The collection moves from paypal encyclical, drones, nature of consumption, the universe and even development in the battery technology. The book also include the agreemet that the climate change is real, dangerous and important.
In short, Brockman’s encyclopedia will absorb anyone interested in science, discovery, change or the joy of astonishment.

Other that, the main talking points I love from the book are as follow:

  • The scientific community has become more democratic, cooperative and computation based.
  • The anology that the spread of networked computing amounts to the “planet . . . Growing itself a brain.”
  • Big data and large-scale computation offer us the possibiliy of improving all aspect of modern life.
  • New findings challenge fundamental assumptions about life and the nature of tme and space.
  • Humanity has replaced evolution as the main factor shaping lie on Earth.
  • Climate change is a huge, global threat.
  • While people contine to explore near and distant space, one of the major scientific challenges is the ongoing mission to find extraterrestrial life.
  • Advancement in genetic manipulation give humanity greater power over life and new tools to fight diseases such as cancer.
  • As the nature of knowledge shifts, scientific understanding of intelligenve advances.
  • Although the world is getting better, some people think it’s getting worse.
  • The scientific community has becomen more diverse and collaborative.

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