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7 Important Challenges to Take for a Better Life

  1. When we catch ourselves oerthinking things, challenge ourselves to take a step forward instead.
  2. When we have 2 good options, challenge ourselves to go with the one that scares us because it will more likely to help us grow faster.
  3. When we’re going to do something new, challenge ourselves to do it with enthusiasm and devotion.
  4. When we make mistakes, challenge ourselves to learn from them, rather than pointing fingers at others and ourselves.
  5. When we find ourselves trying to control too much, which in itself a recipe for unfulfilment, challenge ourselves to let go and enjoy the moment.
  6. When someone treats us poorly, and regardless of who we are, it will happens sometime, challenge ourselves to treat them with kindness and respect.
  7. When we catch ourselves thinking that the grass is greener elsewhere, challenge ourselves to water the grass we’re standing on.

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