Give up our Resistance to Change

Everyone, including you and me exist for a reason with something very special to offer.

Therefore, we need to discard our opposition to change in order to find our special path. We could and most of the time likely to fail and tumble, but life also offers us the ability to evolve. Arguably one of the beauty of life and being alive.

Everything we encounter and everything we’ve suffered helps us to understand ourselves better.

Being alive requires change and if we were to fight change, we won’t truly experience life.

In order for us to truly appreciate our being is by understanding ourselves better. 

And if we have been tendency to resist change, we need to strive to comprehend how we see these changes and why we try to avoid it. 

Always consider the benefits we will gain from embracing these changes, rather than thinking about potential bad outcomes. Besides, what’s the worse that can happen?

I think regrets are much worse than a hardy failed attempts.

Plus, most suffering comes from resisting change rather than from change itself.

Author: Aarif Billah

Those who matters would know, and those doesn't know won't matter

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