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What does growing up mean?

Growing up is not really a straight forward process.
But in simple terms, here are what growing up means.

  1. Usually means more responsibilities resting in our shoulder.
  2. Standing by ourselves. Meaning no one necessarily standing besides us to help us out.
  3. Decisions. Growing up means we have to make important and hard decision by ourselves, and if we made a mistakes, we have to also learn from them.
  4. The Accountability. After the decisions, comes the accountability for what we’ve chosen.
  5. Acknowledging our weakness. Sooner or later, we will realise more weaknesses of our own.
  6. Working on our weakness.
  7. Or maybe, accepting our own weakness. Some of these weakness are not changeable.
  8. Learn to enjoy being alone.
  9. Getting to know more about ourselves.
  10. And to realise that actually sometimes, growing up has nothing to do with age.

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