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7 Cruel Truths That Will Make Us Stronger

Here some bitter pills we had to take at times.

  1. No one is too busy to not answer you. It’s just that, you are not a ‘priority’ to them.
  2. Each person puts his own interests above all others. Yes, even me. And I think I’m quite a nice guy. Honestly.
  3. You can’t please everyone. Therefore, learn to be a master of our own emotion. Don’t put others in the driver seat for our emotional well-being.
  4. Entitlement, well, that’s is something that I just hate. We really need to take accountability and responsibility for our life and try. Most people just dream, but rarely one actually tried to change things.
  5. Excuse for things we supposed to do but didn’t is easy. Why? Because we’ll always find an excuse.
  6. Walk the talk. We are characterised by our actions rather than our thoughts. We it worries me that nowadays we have a lot ‘thought leaders’ rather than someone whom actually done what they’ve been talking about.
  7. Remember, no one will come and save us from our own life. I believe that Allah (God) never gives us something we cannot handle. And most of these ‘test’ are for us to grow and developed better competencies.

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