How to Recover Broken Trust ?

People usually assume that those they deal with regularly are honorable and worthy of trust. Unfortunately, we can’t get a guarantee that someone is truly trustworthy. The best we can do is to associate with people who consistently exhibit integrity and responsibility, and hope for the best.

The bitter truth is that despite our best efforts, betrayals may occur.

Well, over the long term, some degree of betrayal is almost certain. 

It’s an unfortunate life hazard and if it happens, it’ll hurt.

Sometimes, betrayal is not personal. And, even if someone betrays you, reconciliation is possible. 

Though you may not want to accept it, you are likely to bear some degree of responsibility in any betrayal. Fixing things may prove impossible, and it’s rarely easy, but do what you can to straighten out the problem in which case the sooner the better.

Remember that restoration requires restitution and that reconciliation requires forgiveness which usually benefits the forgiver far more than the forgiven.

Never try to get satisfaction from your betrayer.

That will only diminish you.


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