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Building the Bonds That Make a Business Great

My reading note on a book by Joel Peterson, The 10 Laws of Trust.

We live in an interdependent world whereby in order to progress, trust is essential. If we can’t trust others, we cannot work toward shared or common goals.

This is true for all form of relationship, true for families, couples, team members and even nations of the world.

In the book, JetBlue chairman Joel Peterson with David A.Kaplan outline their 10 laws of trust. They further explain what trust means, how to promote it inside organizations and how to restore trust once broken.

An interesting reading indeed.

Main reading points in my reading notes:

  • JetBlue chairman Joel Peterson details his “10 laws of trust.” First, trust begins with personal integrity.
  • Trust involves respecting others.
  • Trust means that you empower the people around you.
  • Trust is about setting clear goals for your employees and holding them accountable.
  • Trust occurs when people work together to achieve a shared objective.
  • Trust requires honest communication.
  • To fuel trust, hold genuinely open discussions that seek the best ideas and plans.
  • Humble leaders inspire trust.
  • Trust depends upon negotiating with a win-win, not a zero-sum, mind-set.
  • Trust risks betrayal.

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