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The 7 Ways People Resign

In short, the 7 ways includes:

  1. By the book – This involves a meeting with the manager, a standard notice period and an explanation for leaving.
  2. Grateful – The discussion focused on the employee’s appreciation, and he / she helps with the transition.
  3. In the loop – The employee has told the boss that he/she was thinking of leaving. Thus removing the element of surprise from the equation.
  4. Perfunctory – Similar to by the book style, but the discussion is shorter and the explanation is omitted or rather opaque.
  5. Avoidant – The employee resigns in writing or tells HR or other colleagues and lets the word filter back to his / her manager.
  6. Impulsive – The employee walks out without forethought or notice, leaving the organization to figure out how to make a transition. 
  7. Bridge burning – The employee tries to harm the organization or its members, which could be in term of verbal assaults.

The 2 most common resignation style were what could be called “by the book” and “perfunctory” resignation.

I usually used “perfunctory” style since most of the time, I don’t really want to explain my exit, unless asked to.

So, which one are you inclined to do?


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