How to prioritize the skills to learn right now?

A 2×2 Matrix to Help You Prioritize the Skills to Learn Right Now

So much to learn, so little time !

We usually has very little time for learning but we also need to know that learning is one of the most crucial aspect of our life. The reason is that the shelf life of skills shorten significantly nowadays and our career paths meander and lengthen. 

Therefore, inevitably, there’s significant pressure on us all, to learn the right stuff. Or make the most of what little learning time we have each day.

As per the tagline of this website said,


One possible approach is to apply a time-utility analysis which is quite similar to a cost-benefit analysis to the subjects that we’re are interested in learning. 

“Time” is the time to learn.

It’s refer to the opportunity cost to us of achieving competence. 

“Utility” meanwhile refers to how much useful that the desired skill would be once we acquired it.

So, as mentioned in the beginning of the article, when we combined both “time” and “utility”, and we” get a simple 2X2 matrix with four quadrants as below:

  1. Learn it right away : High utility + Low time-to-learn
  2. Schedule a block of time for learning it, ideally in our calendars : High utility + High time-to-learn
  3. Learn it as the chance arises such as on a commute, lunch break, and so on: Low utility + Low time-to-learn
  4. Decide whether I need to learn it: Low utility, High time-to-learn
2 x 2 MATIRX 

Ways to use the matrix

  1. To decide what skills we want to learn
  2. Zero in on the skills we want to learn sub-skills or features, meaning to say. Further prioritization of our prioritized desired skill.

In summary, this is an easier way to set our learning path (deciding which skills mattered most) and help us to learn the desired skills faster by enabling us to do a much more deliberate practice on the skill set (zero in on what feature or subskills that mattered most).


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