I need great content

The online way to showcase my personal brand online would be by providing excellent content online.

If my information is not outstanding, I’m getting nowhere.

How to do this? Read and study everything i can on my topic, and at the moment my topic are quite wide range.

But if your topic is not as wide range as mine, it would be easier.

You need to convincingly and compellingly blog at least 50 different aspects of your topic.

Answer this 2 questions:

  1. Is your subject of interest is your “ultimate passion?”
  2. Are you knowledgeable enough to be hailed as the world’s number one blogger about your subject?

Well, question (1) is okay, but question (2) is rather a tough ask, right?

Even if you can’t be the leading authority, but only the 10th or 100th would still able to make a profitable living.

But, the passion part is absolutely crucial. At times, the urge to give up is tremendous. 

Blog are easy to create.

Choose your medium (as mentioned before, text, video, audio, or combination of these) based on what work best for you and your audience. And make sure you are totally comfortable with it, as for me, I’m not comfortable with video.

One more thing, promote your content by adding  comments to other related blogs.

Or maybe, join online conversation to gain exposure and draw viewers to your online blog.


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