Crush It ! (Book Review)

My reading notes on Gary Vee Crush It.

Main lessons learnt:

  • If you’re passionate about a hobby, you can turn that hobby into an online career.
  • Need to develop a ‘personal brand’: The key : Decide who you are and what you represent. 
  • Learn enough about your passion to become an authority figure in that field.
  • Create a video blog to showcase your expertise and personality, continuously post outstanding content to attract customers and advertisers alike. (maybe because Gary Vee start with a video blog that we suggested this one)
  • Making a career online would requires hard work, but not a lot of money.
  • Choose the medium you’ll use for your blog – text, audio, video or combo.
  • Promote your blog by developing a loyal following at various social networking websites such as facebook and twitter. 
  • Read and comment on related blogs to gain recognition. Build your brand and encourage other experts to visit your blog.
  • Make your blog user friendly. If you can afford it, hire a Website designer. Otherwise, follow an online templete.
  • Once your blog has enough visitors, monetize it through paid advertising, merchandise sales and other means.

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