#AskGaryVee (Book Review)

Key lessons learnt  from Gary Vaynerchuck book #AskGaryVee.

  • Invest our energy into the “clouds”, our high-end ideals and the “dirt” the activities that make our vision a reality
  • We need to offer something of value to our potential partners instead of asking what they can do for you.
  • Promote our product or services as we develop it by generating content for target users.
  • What we lean in the classroom at our universities can be outdated by the time we graduate.
  • Working with family takes self-discipline, awareness, empathy and compassion.
  • More than money or education, a strong work ethic is the best indicator of business success. 
  • The ability to hustle closes the gap between a “solopreneur” or start-up and the competition.
  • Ideas without execution are worthless. 
  • The popularity of online platforms waxes and wanes, but digital hubs remain integral to people’s lives.
  • Great leaders model the behavior they seek in their employees.


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