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8 Business Commandments Gary Vaynerchuk lived by

He usually talk about “clouds” that is the ideals that should every personal and professional decision. On the other hand is the ‘dirt’ that is the execution part, which is the daily tasks and knowledge gathering that bring us closer to achieving our vision.

Here is what Gary Vee identifies as his personal clouds

  1. Provide value
  2. In any relationship, deliver at least 51% of the energy, heart and talent. 
  3. Long-term value always trumps short term gain.
  4. Hard work is everything: Smart work improves the results.
  5. People matter more than anything else.
  6. Patience, as the old saying goes, is a virtue.
  7. Don’t romanticize the reasons you are in business.
  8. Challenge yourself with worst-case scenarios daily.

What’s in the middle?

It’s where most people end-up. A place where those whom make it half-way to their goals and plateau.

The reason why most stuck in the middle because they don’t know enough about their field or they fail to keep up with new trends.

Success on the other hand, requires a noble concept, and the ability and desire to do whatever it takes to bring it to fruition. 

Many people have great ideas, but ideas without execution is worthless. 

  • Focus on long term goals, should be able to lessen the stress of our daily struggles.
  • Prioritize sales, since without positive cash flow, we’ll never achieve our goals.
  • Don’t be too fancy.

So, set your visions in “clouds” and work in the “dirt” to achieve your dreams.


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