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Ninja Selling (Book Review)

Key points on Ninja Selling

  • In ancient Japan, the aristocratic samurai were supposed to guard the emperor, but their egos kept them focused on themselves, so they didn’t do a good job.  
  • The emperor commissioned humble but effective ninjas to protect him. (Ninja > Samurai)
  • Many salespeople act like the self-centered samurai and don’t care about their buyers. (Care about your customer)
  • Ninja salespeople always focus on their customers, not themselves. (Customer-centric)
  • “Ninja Selling” maximizes per-hour earnings by delivering maximum value to buyers. 
  • The “Ninja Selling System” relies on four basic principles:
  • Master yourself, your mind, your emotions and your energy. (SEME -Self, Emotion, Mine, Energy)
  • Don’t sell to buyers; instead, solve their problems. Too many products in the market, so, maybe we should focus on solving a problem our customer have)
  • Focus on buyers who know you, think highly of you, trust you and want to do business with you. 
  • Engage them with positive connectedness and quality communications.

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