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Green Light Selling

How a ninja real estate salespeople address 4 primary fears buyers must address before they’ll give the green light to buy a home?

Try to solve them or help your client move right through them:

  1. “Losing the home” – Buyers who like a prospective property think, “I better buy this house before someone else bought it first”.
  2. “Missing something” – Buyers think, “Hold on. Not so fast. This is only then 2nd property we looked at. We may be missing something.”
  3. “Paying too much” – Buyer might think, “This property is still available. Is it probably overpriced? Better be careful.”
  4. “Something wrong with it” – Buyers might think, “There’s probably something wrong somewhere.”

So, walk through each concern, and make sure they walk away with a satisfied heart.


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