The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior

My reading note on a book by Jonah Berger, Invisible Influence (2016).

Main Reading Points:

  • Others constantly shape how we think, behave, dress, drive and manifest  our identity through what you choose to purchase. Example, I once bought a wallet from The Ridge because one of my friends bought it, but it turned out to be a great minimalist wallet.
  • We are usually aware of ‘social influence’ around us, and how people affect each other’s behavior, but we usually think it doesn’t applicable to us. 
  • The more often we see people or things, the more we will come to like them.
  • However, we will dislike or avoid things if too “many other people” favor them.
  • For example, if we were riding a bicycle next to someone, his or her mere presence most likely compel us to go faster.
  • Most siblings share no more qualities or attitudes than any other 2 randomly picked personnel. 
  • Americans value uniqueness while other cultures value harmony and conformity. 
  • New products must balance between “similarity and difference”.


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