Social Influence

Others Constantly Shape Thinking

Other people constantly shape how you think, behave, dress, drive and manifest your identity through what you choose to purchase.

This social influence is the water in which everyone swims, but you may not see it. Most people recognize how social influence affects everybody else, but firmly believe it has no impact on themselves. Social influence leads you to mimic other people and leads others to mimic you. If they want you to like them, people will – consciously or not – imitate your posture, gestures, smiles and tone of voice.

Such mimicry – and your desire to copy others or to want them to copy you – drives your purchasing choices. It also affects what becomes popular in society and the scale of its popularity.

Like for Like

People like those who like them.

That applies to their facial features, style of dress, and racial or genetic traits. You can use this phenomenon effectively as a negotiation tactic, since negotiators who mimic their opponents are “five times as likely” to get what they want. If your opponent rubs his face, rub yours. If she scratches her neck, do the same.

Mimicry “generates rapport” and subtly conveys that you’re in the same “tribe,” not an adversary. If you both belong to the same tribe, then your counterpart can trust you. In retail sales, “mimicking increased persuasion.”

“Without our realizing it, others have a huge influence on almost every aspect of life.”


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