How to draw a crowd?

Simply put . . .

“Nothing Draws a Crowd Like a Crowd”

Group decisions often yield to “groupthink,” which holds sway when the desire to conform and to create “intragroup harmony” takes precedence over individual thought or taste.

I love a bit of conflict in the team, it just might bring the best out of everyone. I think it’s better to have a ‘proof me wrong’ attitude rather than, ‘as long as everyone happy’ attitude.”

J.K. Rowling, the famous author of the Harry Potter and the fantastic beast series, provides an astounding example of the power that mimicry, groupthink and familiarity have to generate liking.

Seeking to escape the Harry Potter limelight, she published a novel under a pen name. Its readers gave it positive reviews. After three months, it ranked number 4,709 on Amazon but still had sold only 1,500 hardcover copies. Then, someone leaked the secret that Rowling was its author. In a day, the book leapt to bestseller status. When no one knew she wrote the book, few bought it. As soon as her connection was public, many people bought it – 450 million copies – in part because many other people bought it. That’s probably the reason why authors whom once published a best-seller typically put their own name much more prominent that their new book title. Just because, their name sells better. 

“People diverge to avoid being misidentified or communicating undesired identities…tech CEOs wear hoodies rather than suits to avoid looking like, well, a suit.”

At times, some would go the length just to look ‘slightly’ different. 

Would you?


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