Familiarity Breeds Affection


There’s a story that goes like this . . .

A psychology professor had three women join his class during a semester. Each woman took notes and looked and acted like the other students. One came to five of the 40 classes, one attended 10 and one sat in on 15.

At the end of the term, the professor showed the other students photos of the women and of a fourth woman who’d never attended. He asked the students to grade the women on attractiveness and on if they thought they’d like to be friends with them.

Unfailingly, the students had the most favorable impression of the woman who came to class most. They liked her because, consciously or unconsciously, she was the most familiar. Many other experiments validate that “mere exposure creates liking.”

“The mere presence of others changes performance. People tend to do better when others are around.”

So, just like any other social events at the office, it might be a good idea, just to show up.

You know, just to make ourselves much more familiar. 


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