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Time Management and Productivity

Follow these tips for successful time-management and improved our productivity. 

  • Initiate our new time-management and productivity program : Early success helps you to stay motivated. Spend the majority of your time on “customer-facing activities”. We should devote our Sunday nights to planning and scheduling critical tasks for the coming week. 
  • Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize : Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I can do such that everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” 
  • Time Blocks : Break our workday into discrete time blocks, for example, 60- and 90- minutes work segments. Don’t work longer than 90 minutes at a stretch. After each work period, take a 15-minutes break. Alternatively, use the Pomodoro Approach (technique) 
  • Be Organized : Color-code our work calendar – Code it as “Green means revenue-generating activities such as calls, demos, and presentations”, “Yellow signifies activities that support revenue generation“, and “Red indicates administration” 
  • Systematize : Focus on general systems, not specific activities. Examine our repetitive tasks to see which we can systematize. This will increase our sales effectiveness. Begin with such basic tasks as prospecting, proposals, presentations and referrals. 
  • Start Small : Successful change doesn’t happen overnight. it’s a gradual, step-by-step process. Our new change program is a “collection of habits” that we’ll develop over time. Begin with “one hour, one day or one activity at a time and build up”.
  • Be an Experimental : Be open and curious. Try a new activity or approach, then another, and then another. Learn as we go.
  • Act “as if” : Changing our behavior to incorporate new time-management techniques can be intimidating. Our current habits are the behaviors you want to change. Rather than struggling to change our existing habits, act “as if” we already possess the desired traits and soon we’ll become natural at it. 
  • Shut Off Electronic Notifications and Alerts : Don’t let them interrupt our works.
  • Use the BreakFree or Moment Apps :  These apps helps us to monitor how much you use your smartphone and your other apps.
  • Review your emails only at preset times : Once we make our daily schedule, extend the times between when we check our emails.
  • Use Unroll.me and SaneBox : These tools would let you segregate essentials emails.
  • Play with Change : Incorporating new habits requires discipline, but it doesn’t need to be a life-and-death struggle. The best way to make significant changes is to have fun. 
  • Keeps Things Simple : Almost everyone hates complexity. Therefore, “Simplify, simplify, simplify.
  • The Power of Positivity : Harvard psychologist Shawn Achor believes that people with positive attitudes achieve the most satisfying business outcomes. He explains that when you are positive, “Your intelligence rises, your creativity rises, your energy levels rise”
  • Take Good Care of Yourself : Work sensible hours. Rest and decompress. Eat well.
  • Walk for 20-30 minutes : John Medina, author of Brain Rules, explains that the human brain is “built for walking 12 miles a day.” Get up from your desk and move around. Enjoy short walks, especially whenever you hit a work snag.
  • Take a Breath : When we want to surf websites on the Internet or do something that interferes with our focus, pause and breathe deeply for a minute or so until the urge passes.
  • Get plenty of sleep : Try to get eight hours of sleep a night. Set a time every evening to turn out the lights, and stick to it. For two hours before bedtime, don’t use phones, computers or tablets that emit blue light.

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