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Productivity Answer (salespeople perspective)

Salespeople need to find the most productive individualized answers to these questions:

  • What is the one vital task you must do today? remember that, our time in a day is limited, there’s only 24 hours for each of us.
  • How can you achieve the maximum positive impact for each customer? The best type of customer are the loyal ones.
  • How can you get multiple decision makers to sign off on a purchase?
  • How can you close more business? 
  • Should you continue to pursue a particular sale or walk away from it?
“Time spent on research, prepping and strategizing is equally as important as the time spent on customer-facing activities.”

The “Crazy-Busy” Modus Operandi

This is rather unfortunate.

Salespeople as well as other professionals work to the limit, but most often than not, they cab’t keep up. 

To-do-list never get done, and they just get longer. Same as my reading list, it get longer and longer than I’m ability to speed read through it all.

So, we need to accept this oppressive reality, and do something about it.

“Get fussy with your time. Always look for ways to optimize and simplify it. But beware of turning yourself into a productivity robot.”

Marketing experts, graphics wizards and other master manipulators design websites and apps to steal your attention and give it to their online creations.

If you’re not careful, their allure will distract you from your work. Nobody can afford to throw away time on the Internet. The average salesperson loses one to two hours daily to such distractions. Protect your time, and concentrate your attention on work. Breaking the distraction habit isn’t easy. That’s the reason why most social media has endless scrolling feed.

“Working and living in a digitally de-cluttered environment is less stressful.”

Some of the way, is just to practice a new kind of fasting, as suggested my one of my favorite teacher, that is, internet fasting. Meaning stay off the internet for a fixed amount of time daily. 

Maybe I can upload a video on this later. if I remembered to do so.


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