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Sleep Revolution

My notes on The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington.

Sleep Breakdown

  • Sleep is a fundamental human need.
  • Technology, even sleep-inducing technology as a culprit in widespread sleeplessness and warns of ambition and misplaced priorities as the reasons a broad populace works too hard to cop the sack time we needs.
  • Some might even have multiple jobs which lead to lacks of sleep.
  • The Japanese, Chinese and Korean language all have words for “death from overwork”. For goof reason : These societies drive their sleepless workers without mercy. 

The Journey

  • We need to look away from outward distractions to consider your inner life and how you nourish it.
  • Sleep is a time for rejuvenation and, through dreams, of portals into the working of your subconscious mind, which is not open at any other time. 

Family Sleep Habits

  • Research suggesting that good or poor sleep habits develop quite early.
  • People are more likely to behave healthfully if other people near them do the same.
  • Our “sleep tribe” is your family.
  • The sleep habits of your mother, father and siblings served as models for your sleep habits.
  • Parental education levels seem to be the most reliable determinant of whether kids get sufficient shut-eye. 
  • Better-educated parents are more likely to work regular hours and, therefore, to have the leisure time to spend with their kids and monitor their schedules. 
  • A newborn should get 14 to 17 hours a night, a teenager eight to ten hours, adults up to age 65, seven to nine hours, and “older adults” seven to eight hours. 
  • Those who claim they do fine on three to five hours are mostly lying.

Improving Our Sleep

Leave the Sword Outside

  • Prior to a Japanese tea ceremony, samurai warriors would take off their swords so as not to bring them into the house. 
  • The samurai shedding his sword as a metaphor for the effort you need to make to leaves your daytime troubles and worries outside your bed.
  •  To “lay down our swords” means evading those distractions and inviting sleep. And when you finally dismiss the waking life’s web of distraction and fall asleep, your dreams and the gnomic workings of your sleeping brain can then provide “a gateway to the sacred.”

p.s. – Gnomic means difficult to understand because enigmatic or ambiguous.


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