Meditation is just like “mental training”.

The beginning to meditate will lead us to a state of being simultaneously “alert and relaxed”.

Meditation improves your focus without anxiety. Think of meditation as exercise. For example, you push against resistance when you lift weights and you push against fatigue when you go for a run. As you develop patience, strength and skill, you encounter less resistance. The more you meditate, the less resistance you will encounter from your mind and emotions.

Patiently that every meditation starts with an intention. Your intention might be just to feel less stressed. After you identify your intention, sit quietly and “follow your breath” – that is, heed your breathing in and out to “gather your attention.” You’ll feel a moment of calm. As you improve your meditation practice, this period might last for hours. In the beginning, it will last only a few seconds until you become distracted.

 Most people’s first distraction is “self-criticism.”

Recognize that even punishing ideas are merely thoughts – “clouds across the sky.” Let each notion pass, and focus again on breathing. This process increases our awareness of patterns in our thinking and emotions.

To help decrease “self-hatred” and negative self-talk, we need to shift our thoughts to a mode of “self-directed kindness.”

Well, with this respect, I believe Muslim are lucky since, we are required to pray a minimum of 5 times a day. The goal of each prayer is submit ourselves to the Almighty, leaving our worries behind. In short, the benefit is awe-inspiring. Just like meditation, but at least 5 times a day. 


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