Why do we work for more than 40+ hours per week?

Well, recently the organization where I’m working decided to re-implement time tracking.

It’s not that I’m against making sure employees fulfill their end of the bargain by actually getting their work done.

But, to ‘re-implement’ time track ? It’s seems as lack of respect or trust to me.

But, it’s no biggie, I’m not really bothered by it.

So, now i’m wondering why do actually the 40 hours workweek matters?

Why do most people still work 40 or more hours each week?

Well, I’m can get most of my work done in less than an hour, unless that work is re-writing or reviewing operation manual, that would take months. Not to mention, re-reading, proof-reading, and further reviewing process.

Let’s examine why 40+ hours workweek is still a thing.

Now, lets admit that some of the works are pointless, meaningless and in many cases, harmful jobs which constitute more than half of all work performed in Western countries today.

If those companies decided to eliminate these worthless work and automated work that machines can do, people would work only for a few hours a day.

It sounds awesome right?

Or, is it the most likely outcome is that, we’ll be out of job?

Either way, it would both increase productivity and efficiency and also work satisfaction, given by  the fact that you’ll work for less hours.

So, why do people still work 40 or more hours each week with only a small amount of vacation time each year?

Consider the limitless possibilities of what might they do with their free time.

Might they questions events around them?

Might a leisure-based economy upset the current economy in which only the top one percent gets ahead?

Might ruling politicians and the very wealthy have orchestrated the current fake economy to keep citizens occupied with work so they have little time for anything else?

Or is it just a ridiculous conspiracy theory?

What you think?


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