How bad jobs do harm?

People performing junk jobs even if they receive high prestige, awesome salary and lots of autonomy but don’t have much to do, will dislike their situations.

Well, now I know for fact that I’m not the only one feeling that way.

Most people seek purpose and meaning in their work and their lives. Most will feel sad when they believe that their work helps no one, delivers no value and may do harm.

From most economist perspective, they build their economics model based on the assumption that people would seek the most pay for the least amount of work done, however, evidence proves them wrong.

Well, I’m a living proof of that statement itself.

Take lottery winners for example, they often return to work even after winning lots of ‘free’ money. And also the example of prisoners whom clamor for work assignments when they could actually can choose to do nothing.

Meaningless work by itself doesn’t cause despair.

However, having someone imposing worthless, irrelevant work upon you can destroy your soul.

The opportunity for some to force meaningless work onto others arose only recently, with the notion of paying people for their time.

For ages, employers paid people on the basis of their production but nowadays most people receive a paycheck based on a standard work week measured in hours.

And those hours belong to the employers who prefer that employees do anything (even useless thing) instead of do nothing. This will makes no sense to anyone whom wish for purposeful tasks.

This in turn erodes their morale.

So, what happened when these companies don’t assign pointless, made-up work?

Then, the people who have empty jobs would have to fake being busy by making up worthless work.

Decent managers may tacitly acknowledge the lack of work, but most expect their employees to keep up the pretense.

People with empty jobs would have to fake being busy by making up worthless work. Decent managers may tacitly acknowledge the lack of work, but most expect their employees to keep up the pretense.

Even when this means playing online games or watching cat videos, most people who know their labor has no meaning experience discontent and disengagement.

Meaningless labor manifest other problems at work.

It raises tempers, reduces camaraderie (mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together) and diminishes tolerance. It also will contribute to averse health conditions, including increased stress and even depression.

These conditions are often worse in people who enjoy respect, social prestige and high pay for their fake jobs, presumably because all the rewards make them feel guilty.

Yup, guilt hurts your soul terribly. 

Performing labor of no value for organizations like for a non-profits that exist to do good will erodes morale and harms health even more rapidly than a typical corporate organization.

When organizations assign people hollow work, they commit the people to ‘spiritual violence’. Many employees try to keep their equilibrium by using their time at work for other purposes, such as learning a language or pursuing unrelated research of personal interest.

Ultimately, however, only a small percentage of individuals would be able to stay in such a hollow job while avoiding serious psychological and physical harm.

So, be careful of such empty jobs.


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