33 Million People in The Room (Book Review)

My notes from 33 Million people in the room.

Main points

  • Online social networks are web based platforms which anyone can join to connect with other people online.
  • These network enable you to expand the numbers and quality of your professional and personal relationship.
  • Both your online business and social connection can compliment each other to benefit your career.
  • Social network’s effectiveness grow exponentially with each new member.
  • A small network of 25 people can account for 33 Million possible connections. And with a group of 30 people, the number of possible connections soars to a billion strong.
  • LinkedIn is the most effective social network site for business professionals.
  • Facebook and MySpace are the most popular social networking sites (as of 2009, the year when the book was written)

Social Media Network?

  1. Think of how many people you know? old schoolmates, colleagues, neighbors, mentors, friends, teammates, etc.
  2. Now imagine if you could somehow touch base with all of them or any one of them, any time you want.
  3. You could update them on your activities, ask them for references as you search for a better job.
  4. Or even you could network with them about various opportunities, or even ask them to support your new start-up company or charity works.
  5. Social media help you connect and stay connected.

Reed’s Law

  1. Reed’s Law, suggest that social network’s effectiveness grows exponentially with the addition of each new member.
  2. Every new addition to the network doubles its value.
  3. A small network of 25 people can account for as many as 33 Million possible connections.
  4. When the foundation group increases to 30 people, the number of possible connection soars to a billion
  5. This phenomenon represents a remarkable number of prospective new contacts or customers, which makes social networks potentially very useful for businesses.
  6. Consider the amazing opportunities of working with groups that grow exponentially with each new member.
  7. Social connections always have a business impact.
  8. Commerce like networking is all about relationships, so the business world and social networks go together perfectly.
  9. Through social networks, you can create new connections with people now at the outer edge of your daily world, individuals you don’t know but have the same friends, colleagues or ideas.
  10. Social networks present limitless connectivity opportunities.
  11. when your business join a social network, you are opening a door of vast opportunities.

A Plethora of Choices

  1. Don’t be perplexed or dazzled by the abundance of offering.
  2. Showcase yourself professionally or conduct informal market research,  target online networks accordingly.
  3. Choose the social network you want to join based on your specific interest and goals.
  4. The best way to start is to sign on to a single social network, learn what social networking is and expand from there.

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