Bullshit Job, a theory (Book Review)

My notes on BULLSHIT JOBS: A Theory by David Graeber.

  • The world now has seen a profound shift in buying attitude, its a corporate driven economies which emphasize pride not on what you make but in what you can buy. Most of the stuff we bought not out of necessity but rather status symbols.
  • Corporation make fortunes from meaningless and even harmful/evil work. They have little incentive to reduce it.
  • More than half of all work is meaningless and pointless.
  • Eliminating useless work would mean 15- to 20-hour work weeks, not 40 plus. It’s true. At times, I can finished my days work in 15 minutes.
  • People believe work has value and that even pointless work is character-building.
  • Junk jobs proliferate, taking up more and more of the economy. ( proliferate means increase rapidly in number; multiply.)
  • Meaningless work pays a lot. Beneficial work doesn’t.
  • Politicians and the wealthy want full employment; the thought of a nation of people with time on their hands scares them.
  • Many leaders boost their status by hiring “flunkies,” “goons,” fixers, and “box tickers.” (will detailed out in next post)
  • A “universal basic income” might separate work from living and give people a glimpse of true freedom. Some would suggest that a ‘universal basic income’ would potentially solved poverty and poverty-related crime.

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