Building your online persona

As with traditional, in-person networking, specific etiquette guides online networking relationships.

To become a social networking professional, mind your manners:

  1. Be judicious :
    • Think carefully before you fill out your online profile.
    • don’t include information which might offend others
    • don’t lie
    • make sure it’s honest online profile. you’re asking for future trouble if your online persona doesn’t closely match your offline one.
  2. No Cold Calling
    • using social networking sites to gather prospect for cold calling is a bad idea
    • members of these sites frown on any form of gratuitous self-aggrandizement or self-promotion. (marketing is at its best when it doesn’t feel like marketing)
    • you don’t simply hand-out your business card to anyone whom share an elevator with you, so, similar rules of gracious conduct is also applicable online.
  3. Learn from other people’s profiles
    • blend in with others
    • carefully review how other network members handle their profiles.
    • see what’s acceptable and what isn’t.
    • plan your own profile whenever you want.
  4. You can always change things
    • you can easily update your online profile whenever you want
    • It’s all digital, that’s the beauty of internet
  5. Staying mobile
    • many social networks enable you to use devices other than computers and mobile gadgets to access postings from other members and to update your own.
  6. Maintain your privacy
    • edit your network settings to protect your privacy and to control the information that appears about you on the Web.
    • don’t divulge more than you want the whole planet to know.

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