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Extraordinary Influence (Book Review)

My notes on an awesome read by Dr. Tim Irwin, entitled Extraordinary influence.

The book talk a lot on how to galvanize a person’s core and sense of self, and how to use ‘extraordinary influence’ and positivity to affect others for the better.

Be sure you’re not using motivational tactics that could upset and demotivate people instead of bolstering them. Leaders should help their staff members become better employees and better people, not berate and threaten them. You can enhance your ability to bring about change in others by acknowledging and encouraging them instead of criticizing them. It’s about the skills to give the necessary focused feedback.

Main Lessons:

  • Those in command often berate disengaged their employees and threaten them
  • Executives must try to assist their staff members to be better employees and better people
  • Affirmation comes from Latin affirmationem, which means ‘to make steady, to confirm and to strengthen’.
  • Affirmation reinforces someone’s sense of self
  • In order for affirmation to work, you must address a person’s competence, style and inner core.
  • In the past, wise people thought of the heart and mind as the center of someone’s core.
  • Our core acts, feels and expresses itself in a process that scientist call ‘self-talk’.
  • Our core acquires knowledge, makes assessments and acts as a reference for your beliefs.
  • When you speak in words that address someone’s core, you’re speaking the ‘words of life’ rather than ‘words of death’.
  • Most people evaluate others based on what they do, but they evaluate themselves based on what they intended to do. (different standard of measurement we made for ourselves and others)


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