8 Secrets of Success

Based on Ted Talk by Richard St. John, Titled 8 Secrets of Success.

Marketer and analyst Richard St. John, conducted a study to find out factors which contribute to success. As Jim Rohn suggested, if you want to be successful, study success. St.John study spanned 7 years and involved 500 interviews with TED attendees.

So, here is his 7 findings of distinct qualities of successful people

Main Key Points

  • Successful people are those whom are passionate and enjoy working hard
  • They practice diligently to become proficient in an area, and they never waver from their end goal (end-in-mind)
  • The push through self-doubts and shyness and pick themselves up after each setback, ready to try again
  • Their desire to serve others drives them to provide something of value to the world, and people will reward them for this.
  • They generate bright ideas through a simple creative process which entails “listen, observe, be curious, ask questions, problem solve and make connections.”

8 qualities of successful people

  1. Passion : Do what you love, not what’s financially lucrative. If you’re passionate, the money will follow.
  2. Hard work : Put in the effort to succeed. TED attendees work hard but enjoy their works. Instead of workaholics, they’re “workafrolics.” As media mogul Rupert Murdoch explains, “Nothing come easily. But I have fun.”
  3. Proficiency : To succeed, you must definitely excel at what you do. No magic formula exist for becoming proficiency, there’s no such thing as overnight success. Instead, you must “practice, practice, practice”.
  4. Focus : Don’t dabble in different interest or shift your priorities. Select the one thing that matters most to you and stay centered on your objective.
  5. Drive : Push yourself, even in shyness and self-doubts. Actress Goldie Hawn once said, “I always had self-doubts. I wasn’t good enough; i wasn’t smart enough. I didn’t think I’d make it.” Successful people experience insecurity too. Yet they push thought it. Or someone else, like their mother, pushes them through.
  6. Desire to serve : Do you want the world’s next millionaire? Then instead of focusing on your own needs, concentrate on providing something of value to others. That is how millionaire are made. Cultivate a service mentality like that of Dr. Sherwin Nuland, who said, “It was a privilege to serve as a doctor.”
  7. Ideas : Generating a bright idea will bring you success. Consider the example of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose clever concept was the world’s “first microcomputer software company”. As with proficiency, there’s no magic formula for creativity. The simple components of the creative process are “listen, observe, be curious, ask questions, problem solve and make connections.”
  8. Persistence : Pick yourself up after failure and try again. Success requires diligence. Thus, you must persist even when you confront obstacles, such as “criticism, rejection,” obnoxious people and “pressure”.


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